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  • Tolulope on 2012-Nov-22 10:33:21 Tolulope said

    Dancing Creek Farm is a wonderful place to board a dog when you have to be away. Tamara tarets our English Setter, Sadie, the same way she tarets her own dogs, and we can go out of town with full confidence that Sadie is being cared for the same way we care for her.Until we found Tamara we boarded Sadie at the vet’s. After the first time boarding her with the vet, not only did she not want to go back when we left town, she still has trouble getting herself out of the car when we have to go to get check-ups and shots. The people at the vet are excellent and the boarding is acceptable, but with the choice of leaving her there, where she stays most of the time in a crate or leaving her with Tamara where she can run with other dogs and enjoy the air-conditioned dog house (with TV and futon), there is no question which we choose.We call the kennel “doggie camp,” and Sadie gets all excited when we head up the road to Tamara’s house. And when she sees Tamara, it is all we can do to hold her on the leash. This is truly a wonderful place to board dogs at the same rate our vet charges. Tamara’s love for animals and her concern for the welfare of her boarders is wonderful. It’s a great facility run by a great animal lover. We greatly appreciate the services she offers.
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